VA Loan Captain Writes a VA Loan E-Book

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VA Loan Captain (a company owned by veterans dedicated to helping veterans with VA loans) issued the following press release on a new e-book they are making available:
VA Loan Captain Supports Independence Day with the Launch of New EBook to Connect Veterans with the Best VA Loan Lenders and Educate Them on Their VA Loan Benefits
Earlier last month thousands of people gathered at the National Mall for Independence Day in celebration of America’s birthday. VA Loan Captain’s new eBook added support by providing Veterans an easy way to learn about their VA loan benefits.
Union City, NJ (PRWEB) August 13, 2013

With thousands of people gathering at the National Mall in DC for this year’s 4th of July parade and fireworks, according to the Huffington Post, it is clear that America still feels a strong patriotism to the nation they call home. With Barry Manilow and Neil Diamond performing at the event, DC’s extraordinary fireworks could be seen from all corners of the DC metro area. This patriotic flair is what fueled VA Loan Captain to launch The Ultimate Guide to VA Loans educating veterans about their VA loan benefits and helping to connect with the best VA Loan Lenders.

With Barry Manilow performing his classic songs, those attending the annual DC event once again experienced the strong patriotism of those who fought for freedom in the United States. The benefits of VA loans represent a national pride upheld in VA Loan Captain’s most recent ebook, The Ultimate Guide to VA Loans. In this ebook, Grant Moon provides the step-by-step process of obtaining a VA home loan.

This Fourth of July served as a reminder of the importance of those servicing or have served. And because of this – active duty service member, reservists and veterans can get a free digital copy of The Ultimate Guide to VA Loans by VA Loan Captain for a limited time.

VA Loan Captain, a company that connects veterans with VA approved lenders, notes the value of a VA home loan. Independence Day is by far one of America’s greatest prides, and retired Master Sergeant, William Jewsbury, is just one example of those who have served to preserve America’s freedom. Jewsbury had aspirations of buying a home with the VA home loan and found great success through VA Loan Captain’s services. “Having the ability to not have to save for ten years to put a down payment was a great benefit,” Jewsbury said.

“When comparing the VA loan to other loan options throughout my life, the benefits of the VA loan always beat anything else out there,” Jewsbury said. Jewsbury, who worked with VA Loan Captain, is just one of the many veterans who have worked VA Loan Captain and achieved great results.

Both retired and active veterans can easily become eligible for a VA home loan by obtaining a veteran’s certificate of eligibility through the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA). VA Loan Captain Lenders can also assist with the process of obtaining the certificate of eligibility.

The Ultimate Guide to VA Loans covers everything from ‘Household Finance 101’ to the various types of VA loans, and even how to use the VA loan for an investment property. There are some very unique insights and strategies in The Ultimate Guide to VA Loans which pertain to specific situations that could save you time and money in trying to figure out your best options.

Grab your copy of the latest ebook by VA Loan Captain now by filling out this form.

About VA Loan Captain

VA Loan Captain, Inc. assists veterans and service members obtain competitive interest rates and fees on their VA loans through a platform of approved lenders. The company is a service disabled veteran owned small business registered in New Jersey and verified by the US Department of Veterans Affairs. VA Loan Captain, Inc. is listed and searchable within the Department of Veterans Affairs Vendor Information Pages.

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Learning about VA Loans

There are many avenues to learn more about the options available to you in the way of VA loans. Any approved VA lender can help you understand all the things that go along with a VA loan. This new e-book, “The Ultimate Guide to VA Loans” is free, comprehensive, and educational. While policies, requirements, and interest rates change on a daily basis, the way VA loans work hasn’t changed much since they were instituted. This free e-book could be a very good addition to your knowledge library on the topic of VA loans.

When is it worth it to refinance my VA loan?

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Since the VA offers quite a few different types of home loans, the question comes up all the time about when is it worth refinancing my VA loan. The answer to that question is usually related to saving money each month by reducing the mortgage payment or interest rate. Sometimes, however, it is wise to refinance a VA loan if you have an ARM type loan and you want to move to a fixed interest rate loan. The VA streamline loan, which is also called the Interest Rate Reduction Loan is a VA loan that allows qualifying veterans purchase a home with zero dollars down.

Moving a home loan to a VA Streamline loan requires that there be a savings benefit. That is one of the rule of refinancing to a VA streamline loan. The exception to this rule occurs when moving an ARM loan to a fixed interest loan. IF you already have a fixed interest rate mortgage and you want to refinance to another fixed rate mortgage, than you have to find a loan that offers a reduction in the interest rate.

In short, take advantage of refinancing opportunities if you find a VA fixed interest rate loan that offers better interest rates, or if you want to move your home loan from an ARM loan to a fixed interest rate.

Keep in mind that the costs associated with refinancing can sometimes negate the savings that might be gained by refinancing. Otherwise, the process for a VA streamline loan is fairly straight forward as you will not need a second COE, and you do not have to use the same lender. Already there are quite a few pluses for refinancing your VA loan. Be sure to check the interest rates and compare the savings to the costs so that you find the best deal.

Veterans can save big with VA home loans

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Veterans can save money by using their VA Loan Benefit to purchase or even improve their homes. The elimination of the private mortgage insurance, no money down options and excellent interest rates has made the VA loan more important than ever before.

In 2011, more than 357,000 loans were guaranteed by the Department of Veterans Affairs. Together, these guaranteed VA loans totaled over $74 billion. In fact, the VA loan program is an extremely powerful program for military families and veterans.

With flexible, government-backed loans, veterans who may have struggled to find financing have the benefit of owning a home.

The benefits veterans receive have increased the popularity of the program. The volume of VA loans has increased substantially within the last five years.

For those who qualify there is no down payment necessary with a VA home loan. Veterans can purchase a home with little to no money down. For example, on a $250,000 loan amount, 5 percent down would be $7,500. A qualifying veteran puts no money down.

No mortgage insurance has to be purchased with VA home loans, because the government is backing the VA home loans.

If the borrower is unable to put down 20 percent on the home, many of the conventional lenders require them to pay a private monthly mortgage insurance (PMI) fee. Putting down 20 percent is a very difficult task for the majority of veterans. Consider that for a home that costs $250,000, a 20 percent down payment would be $50,000.

Also, the cost of PMI is rather steep when you consider on a $250,000 conventional mortgage an individual pays $191 every month.

A VA home loan allows the veteran to build equity in his home quicker. This saves him thousands of dollars over the life of his mortgage.

VA home loans offer competitive interest rates. Conventional home loans base their rates on the risks being assumed by the bank. Because the VA backs all of its loans with a guaranty, the financial institution carries less of a risk. This means that the bank can offer a veteran interest rates that are usually between 0.5 to 1 percent less than the conventional interest rates at that time.

The savings a veteran receives on a home that costs $250,000 by using a VA home loan instead of a conventional loan are substantial. The reduction in interest for the 0.5 percent lower interest rate alone is $24,480 over the life of the loan.

Streamline Refinancing your VA loan with Quicken Loans

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Do you have a VA loan from Quicken Loans? Do you want to lower your monthly payment? If so, you may be able to obtain a lower interest rate through streamline refinancing. Even if you think your interest rate is really low, lower rates are almost always available when you know where to look.

About VA Streamline Refinance

The VA streamlining process is much faster and easier than most people expect. The process exists to help military personnel or veterans with VA mortgage loans to lower their payment. If you choose to VA streamline your Quicken Loans VA loan, you may qualify for a reduced interest rate and a lower monthly payment with little to no out-of-pocket expenses. After the process is complete, you will begin enjoying your monthly savings immediately.

Benefits of VA Streamline Refinance

When you use a streamline refinance for your VA loan, you won’t need to go through the usual underwriting process required for new loans and standard refinances. The lender won’t ask you to send employment verifications, W2s, copies of bank statements, or pay stubs. After the refinance is complete, you may be able to skip two or more monthly payments while you wait for everything to fall into place. In addition, the escrow account balance from your first VA loan will be refunded back to you, thus providing you with some extra cash. Finally, if you’re planning to make energy efficient renovations to your home, you can use a VA streamline refinance to fund them.

Should I Refinance with Quicken Loans?

If you have a VA loan with Quicken Loans, you may wonder whether you should refinance with Quicken Loans or another lender. While it’s possible to refinance the loan with Quicken Loans, you are not required to do so. In fact, you can probably find a lower rate somewhere else if you shop around. Quicken Loans offers excellent service and low interest rates, but their rates aren’t necessarily the lowest available on the market. Before you agree to refinance with any lender, get quotes from several providers to make sure that you get the best deal.

Should I Change to a Conventional Loan?

Some lenders may try to talk you into refinancing your VA loan as a conventional mortgage. However, there are several benefits to keeping your mortgage as a VA loan. First of all, VA refinances don’t require appraisals, and the credit requirements to perform a refinance of an existing loan are minimal. In addition, VA loan typically feature interest rates that are approximately 0.5 percent lower than the rates offer on conventional loans. Furthermore, VA loans are the only type of loan that offer 100 percent financing with no private mortgage insurance to raise your payment.

Making a Decision

Regardless of how much you owe, a VA streamline refinance can save you money if the interest rate is lower than the rate on your current loan. However, before you make any decision, research your options carefully. Shop around for the best rate, and consider offers from several different lenders before you make your final choice.

VA Streamline with a VA Hybrid Arm Loan

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Veterans deserve all of the benefits they can get. When the home mortgage interest rates go down, retired or active duty military personnel need to be able to quickly and easily take advantage of a VA hybrid arm loan. Although there may be a lot of questions about the security and consistency of this type of hybrid loan, many homeowners find it is the perfect match for their situation.

To qualify for a VA streamline loan or a VA hybrid, the homeowner must already have a VA loan. The streamline process is used to make the transaction simple and quick. Many lenders believe that the veteran has already been through the lengthy buying process and when a refinance is in order – the paperwork should be easy. When discussing a VA streamline loan, homeowners can take advantage of a much lower interest rate and possibly reduce their mortgage payment to a more manageable amount.

Sometimes people worry about using an arm or adjustable rate mortgage to finance their home. Although for traditional loans this could be a little risky, with a VA hybrid arm loan, you have less to worry about. VA loans are guaranteed by the government and there are strict requirements outlining the terms of the loan. The most important aspect is that your loan can never increase more than 1% in any given year – no matter what the current index rate may be. This should give homeowners peace of mind knowing their mortgage payment will not go up every few months.

If you are a veteran, or an active duty member of the armed forces, and you have been thinking about refinancing your VA loan, now may be the right time to consider a VA streamline loan. You can take advantage of low interest rates and use the money you are saving to pay off other high interest credit cards or loans. Talk with a VA loan specialist today and discover how easy a VA refinance loan can be.

Flagship Financial Group Excels In Customer Service

Posted October 11th, 2012 by admin

Veterans all across the country have been struggling to make ends meet. Foreclosures are at an all-time high and many are unable to pay their mortgages because they owe more than what the house is actually worth. If this describes your situation, you need a company you can trust in terms of providing you with a feasible solution.

The Flagship Financial Group specializes in VA loans. If your current mortgage is through a VA loan, you may be able to get some financial assistance through what’s known as an IRRL. This interest rate reduction loan is specifically designed for veterans and the experts at Flagship Financial can discuss all of your options with you.

Customer reviews have placed Flagship Financial within the top ranking companies for customer service. Their knowledgeable staff treats your case individually and works with you to strategize about what can be done to keep you in your home. Foreclosure isn’t an option you want to face. Not only will it cause you to leave the home you love, it will also damage your credit significantly.

VA streamline loans provide you with a much better solution. Millions of veterans have left very positive customer reviews for Flagship Financial Group because of their willingness to work with individuals. You may be able to lower your monthly mortgage obligation by several hundred dollars. When you work with an IRRL designed for veterans, you get access to very low interest rates that other Americans can’t touch.

Low interest rates are just part of the great customer service offered. Friendly staff will review your case and determine what kind of scenario you are in. depending on what you owe on your home and what your current mortgage rate is, you may be able to save several hundred dollars for ever percentage point your rate is decreased by.

You will be fortunate to lock in the low rate for the lifetime of your mortgage. That means the savings you experience will continue for 10 years or longer – however long it takes for you to pay off your mortgage. Thousands of dollars a year can go back into your pocket as a result of working with the Flagship Financial Group.

VA loans are not for everyone. If you are a veteran and you are upside down in your home, though, it’s worth a call to the Flagship Financial Group to see what can be done for you. Experts will discuss your options and see if you qualify for an IRRL.

The customer reviews are positive not only because of the friendly staff and the various options afforded to veterans. It is also because you don’t have to pay costs out of pocket to make the refinancing happen. You may be able to roll the closing costs into the new mortgage, allowing you to save your hard earned cash.

The economy and housing market are going to take a long time to turn around. In the meantime, you need to do something. There are hundreds of companies offering assistance, though not everyone deals in VA loans. You need strong, viable options afforded to you as well as customer service experts who are sympathetic to your needs.

Flagship Financial Group has been specializing in VA loans for years. They not only help veterans with new loans but also help with refinancing. You need to work with a company who understand what you’re going through. The customer reviews don’t lie. Flagship Financial is simply one of the top companies to work with because of their focus on helping veterans out of a tough financial situation.

Father in Vietnam

Posted August 28th, 2012 by admin

My father was in the Army right out of high school and went to Vietnam.  He has and still is an influence on me as being a patriot.  He never told me many of his stories about the war, however he used to tell my buddies and they would in turn tell me.  I don’t think I will ever hear all of what he went through, but I know enough to know that he did his job and did what needed to be done because he was ordered to do so.  His stories and the feeling inside me about wanting to serve my country led me to signing up for the Army reserve when I was a junior in high school in the delayed entry program at the time.  I wasn’t sure that I wanted to be in a war necessarily, but if ordered to do so, I would and I wanted to find out what the military was all about first hand.  I never ended up seeing any active duty in a war, but I served for eight years.  During that time I learned a lot about the military I didn’t know, and I hope to pass on things to my daughter like determination, strength, courage, discipline, respect, honor, and the list go on and on.

What the people of the military do for our country is the most amazing thing I have ever been apart of.  When given a task and/or orders, that is it, they do it, no questions, no crying, no nothing, it will be done and it will be done to the best of their ability.  I can usually tell when I meet new people and some times strangers whether or not they have been in the military, there is just something about them.  I would be afraid to see a day without our fine military people serving our country and protecting us from harm.

I would love to use the $1000 towards finishing the basement in my house, I am just about ready to close on a refinance of my VA mortgage so with that monthly savings and the $1000, I could get a lot accomplished.  I’ve been trying to get that project done now for about 5 years, but there never seems to be enough money to buy any more materials.

The Tricks of the VA Streamline

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Refinancing with a VA Streamline may be easier than you think. If you are drowning in your mortgage payments and you are looking for some relief, a lower interest loan might be the solution. You need to be aware of the regulations that must be met to qualify, but if you currently have a VA loan, the process should be fairly quick and simple.

First, you will need to find a lender that offers the terms that you need. The VA does not require an appraisal or income verification, although the lender may require these item. In a conventional refinance loan, you will have to pay out of your own pocket for an appraisal and you will have to provide a steady employment history. Many homeowners today do not have the money to pay these extra expenses which is where a VA Streamline helps out. You will not need to pay for any fees up front, but you can have them rolled into your loan. You also will not need to provide verification of your employment or credit history. The VA will use your existing qualifications from your original VA loan to help you refinance.

Another trick for maximizing your VA Streamline loan is to ask for a refund of your escrow funds. Although you are not allowed to refinance and cash out the equity in your home with this type of loan, you can receive the escrow funds from the original lender. You can use this money to pay other bills or set aside in a savings account in case of emergencies. If you are struggling to pay the expenses, this might be an easy answer.

Skipping two mortgage payments is also an option when refinancing with a VA Streamline loan. While the paperwork is being processed you can choose this option and go mortgage free for two months. Again, you can use this money to pay down credit card debt or medical bills and relieve some of the stress.

Whether you want to refinance to lower your payment or to reduce the term of your loan, you can save money with a VA Streamline loan. Compare several different lenders and see which one will offer you the best deal and make sure they comply with the VA regulations. You will feel great knowing you are saving money and making wise choices.

Military Home Alarms

Posted June 6th, 2012 by admin

It seems the country is always at war with someone. If they aren’t at war with another country to defend our freedom, they are at war with other countries to help out struggling regions of the world in order to help make the world a better place. This is a great and noble cause, but what about all of our troops?

Many of our troops are married and have kids. When they are local, they just have to drive back and forth from the base. They get to see their family on a regular basis and life is good. As soon as they are deployed, though, this all changes.

The troops have to leave their families, often at a moment’s notice, when they have been deployed. They have to kiss their spouse and their kids and head off to war. This time away can be for weeks, months and potentially even longer. The children are then raised with only one parent and life can be very hard.

When we see the troops in their fatigues, we say thank you. We may even buy them a meal. When we see collections for the troops overseas, we may contribute or even buy a phone card. But what about the families?

The troops made their career choice but the families are often just along for the ride. They are the ones that suffer day in and day out because their mom or dad, husband or wife is not in the house with them. What can we do for the families? How can we protect them?

The answer is that we can protect them with the very basic sense of the word. A home security system can protect the family of our troops while they are at war. This way the soldier can go off and know that his or her family is well taken care of. Plus, the families can go to sleep at night knowing that they are out of harm’s way.

A security system is a very simple solution to how to help and protect the families. While it won’t replace their loved one while he or she is off to war, it does offer a level of comfort. The alarm can remain armed during the day when no one is at home and at night while everyone is sleeping. This way the possessions and the people inside the home are constantly being protected – day and night.

Families shouldn’t have to suffer because one (or more) members of the family have been deployed and yet they do. There are many burglars that know who the military families are. They prey on the weakness of the family structure when a member is deployed. The family is then left exposed and vulnerable to these burglars simply because the loved one is off trying to protect our country. This isn’t fair and it shouldn’t be allowed.

We might not be able to do anything about the burglars or about the deployment for a war but we can do something about the safety of the families left behind. They should be kept safe just as their loved ones are keeping others safe. It seems like the least that we can do.

A free security system should be offered to each and every family who has someone that is deployed into a war zone. Every time a loved one is called to active duty, he or she should be able to go and give 100% without worrying if his or her family is well taken care of. A security alarm can provide a significant amount of peace of mind.

Refinancing Our Mortgage Saved Us

Posted June 4th, 2012 by admin

I served in the Army for several years. My husband and I used my entitlement to qualify for a VA loan for our first house. We bought a beautiful house that we both loved. My husband had a great job and everything went smoothly until a few years ago. My husband was in the finance industry and his company was downsized after the economic turndown. He was one of the thousands of unlucky employees that lost their job. He did get a few months of severance pay but we were worried about how we would make ends meet. Our house was a big expense and we wondered if we should sell it or refinance the loan under a veteran streamline loan.

I didn’t know much about the particulars of refinancing a mortgage, but I had heard some of my military friends talking about it at one time. I called one of my old military friends and she told me all about the veteran streamline loan. She told me that if I refinanced my mortgage to a lower rate that I could save hundreds of dollars each month. I was really excited because lowering our monthly mortgage payment would allow us to keep our house rather than being forced to sell it.